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Fabric v PU leather: All you need to know to choose your next Secretlab chair

You are in need of a new gaming chair. You want something comfortable and that keeps you focused and well-supported for long hours of gaming.

BUT you can’t decide between our best-selling Secretlab signature PRIME PU leather series or our newly-launched SoftWeave™ fabric series.

So, we’re here to help you with all the facts so you can suitably make the best investment for your back.


1. Breathability

Our Secretlab SoftWeave™ fabric is specially engineered with breathability in mind.

While the threads are tightly woven for durability, they still allow for air to flow through, helping to dissipate heat more easily.

This means you can expect it to not to warm up as much as other materials after long periods of sitting.


2. Durability

Our SoftWeave™ fabric is meticulously engineered with top-of-the-line 350gsm short yarn, which is woven together for high tensile strength so the upholstery doesn’t lose its form even after extended use.

It is also more pet friendly, and can be more forgiving to small claw marks. Just be sure not to let your chair turn into a scratching post!

Meanwhile, our PRIME PU leather—put through more than 10 mechanical properties, durability and performance tests—is more resistant to spills and perspiration. However, there isn’t any leather (natural or synthetic) that is completely immune to prolonged exposure to perspiration and the buildup of body oil.

Overall, PU leather—given that it is resistant to liquids—will be easier to maintain its mint condition. Clean up any spills or your sweat at the soonest with a leather cleaner (such as Secretlab’s Premium Leather Cleaner) because prolonged exposure to liquids and body oils, coupled with friction, may cause the top coating of the PU leather to weaken, degrade or even peel over time.

An example of the Martindale Abrasion Tester, which we use to put our PRIME PU leather through over 100,000 flexing and abrasion resistance test cycles (5 times the standard test requirements of 20,000). Image from YouTube.


3. Feel

Our signature PRIME PU leather is made from 1.5mm thick polyurethane (PU) leather—meaning while durable and stain-resistant, it is also still soft and flexible—allowing your chair to last for years even with heavy usage.

Meanwhile, our SoftWeave™ fabric, after a careful weaving process, is finished with a grinding process to produce a fluffy texture that is dreamily comfortable against your skin. If you’re looking for a softer upholstery, the SoftWeave™ series is for you.



4. Maintenance

Our PRIME PU leather (of the highest-quality and TUV SUD certified) is a coated surface which means maintenance is easier, simple and fuss-free. Read our tips on how to keep your Secretlab PU leather chair in tip-top condition for years.

While our SoftWeave™ fabric also does not require maintenance as often, it will take slightly more effort to clean if it gets dirty. For loose particles and dirt, they can be simply vacuumed up, but any spills should be blotted up with a dry cloth or paper towel as soon as possible.

A commercial fabric cleaner may be used to clean dirty spots—just be sure to test it on a non-conspicuous part of your chair first.



Our PRIME PU leather and SoftWeave series are both ANSI and BIFMA certified, highly durable and made for different types of users in mind.

In a nutshell, pick the SoftWeave™ if you are looking for a slightly more pet-friendly chair or a upholstery that’s fluffily soft against your skin; go for the PRIME PU leather series if you’re regularly using it in an air-conditioned room and looking for a chair that is more forgiving to spills (just be sure to clean it off immediately!).

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