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Science of Sitting: Is a hard or soft chair better?

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Your personal seat preference may be different, but the long-term benefits of good sitting posture with a seat of the right firmness, are universal.


Why does my Secretlab chair feel harder than expected?

TLDR; Soft seats actually promote bad posture. Each Secretlab chair is the product of extensive research and prototyping to provide you with the perfect blend of incredible comfort and firmness required for good posture.

If you’re used to softer seats with insufficient support, a period of adjustment may be needed for you to adopt good sitting habits. Once your body becomes accustomed to the firmness and the right sitting posture, you’ll begin to enjoy the health benefits.


The misconception about soft seats

The term soft has become almost synonymous with comfort, but not many people realize that the softness of a seat, can be inversely related to how good it is for your health.

Firstly, comfort is defined by physical ease and relaxation. Experts have found that an astonishing number of people suffer from lower back pains after using a soft seat. Why are they experiencing physical discomfort even though the seats are soft?

Short-term comfort for long-term back pains


The softer the seat, the worse it is for your posture

Really soft seats actually discourage good sitting posture, causing you aches and pains after sitting for a while because their incredibly malleable nature offers little to no support. When you’re seated, the discs at the base of your spine are loaded three times more than when you’re standing, which is why you feel the effects of bad sitting posture more than bad standing posture.

Sink into bad posture

Good posture is a result of good support

In order for you to sit for long hours without shifting uncomfortably in your seat, you need a chair that provides you with good support. Secretlab gaming chairs are engineered to give you a level of firmness that encourages you to sit in a position that relieves stress and strain, so you won’t suffer from back pains in the long run.


You need firmness to sit comfortably

No one is saying you need to sit on a slab of curved rock from the stone age to achieve good posture, but neither should your chair be a huge plush toy. You actually need a firm seat that follows the natural curvature of your back, which encourages good sitting posture, ultimately providing you with a comfortable, pain-free experience regardless of how long you’re sitting for.


How firm is just right?

Universal comfort may seem like the stuff of fairytales (kudos to Goldilocks), but it actually exists. To find that perfect balance of comfort and support, Secretlab employed research and development, combined with countless hours of testing, to engineer a unique high-density cold-cure foam mix.

This improved foam mix, manufactured with a patent-pending process*, is made to be firm enough to promote good sitting posture while providing adequate cushioning to accommodate your physique.

*SG Pat. App. No. 10201903863S


The benefits are long-term

Sitting right is crucial for the most demanding of esports professionals

Ultimately, when you sit the right way with the right level of support and cushioning, you experience a level of comfort that enables you to truly enjoy whatever you’re doing for as long as you want.