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Science of Sitting: Is a hard or soft chair better?

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When we think of comfort, we think of sinking into a super plush cushion and feeling it envelop our body like a cloud. But what if this was actually bad for you? 

A soft chair feels great when you first sit on it, but it’s not the best for long-term sitting health and comfort. As the hours wear on, you’ll feel the aches and pains start to creep in. Maybe you’ve even started to slouch in your seat. We’ve got good news for you though — after many iterations and testing, Secretlab gaming chairs are engineered to be medium-firm, offering the ideal blend of support and comfort.

Contrary to popular wisdom, a firmer chair is more comfortable over long hours and is kinder to your back. Here’s why.


Why does my Secretlab chair feel firmer than expected?

Firmness is commonly associated with how comfortable a chair feels. However, it’s important to distinguish between comfort and support, because they’re not at all the same thing. Support refers to how well your chair can support your spine and maintain a healthy posture. A soft seat may feel like a giant, glorious marshmallow, but you likely won’t be feeling quite so good after a while.

In short, soft seats actually promote poorer posture. This is why Secretlab chairs are firmer by design. Each Secretlab chair is the product of extensive research and prototyping, and we arrived at the perfect formula for our patent-pending cold-cure foam after much iteration. It is engineered to be medium-firm and carefully calibrated for just the right amount of support. Freshly poured into precise aluminum molds and cast as a single piece, Secretlab cold-cure foam offers an optimal mix of comfort and support, and effectively retains its structure and integrity after long hours of sitting

However, if you’re used to softer seats with insufficient support, you may need some time to adjust to a firmer chair which encourages better sitting habits. But once your body becomes accustomed to the firmness and the right posture, you’ll begin to feel better and reap the health benefits.


There’s such a thing as “just right”

Universal comfort may seem like the stuff of fairytales (kudos to Goldilocks), but it actually exists. To find that perfect balance between comfort and support, we engaged in years of R&D and countless hours of testing to engineer a high-density cold-cure foam mix that is unique to us.

This improved foam mix is manufactured using a special patent-pending process* and is formulated to be firm enough to promote good sitting posture while still providing adequate cushioning for that luxurious, enveloping feel you’re looking for.

While firmness can be a subjective experience — the same seat may be comfortable to some and uncomfortable to others — we believe we’ve found the right balance for optimal comfort for everyone.

*SG Pat. App. No. 10201903863S


So why are soft seats bad for me?

Sink into bad posture

Experts have found that an astonishing number of people suffer from lower back pain after using a soft seat. That may seem counterintuitive — a soft seat can feel pretty good at first, so why do people end up experiencing physical discomfort?

That’s because the softer the seat, the worse it is for your posture. The seat lacks the structure it needs to support the natural curve of your back, which means you’ll almost always end up slouching or hunched over, bending your spine into a C-shape (it likes to be an S). What’s more, a soft seat makes it harder for your body to relax, because you’ll tense up your muscles in a subconscious effort to hold yourself up. After long hours, this translates into a stiff neck and shoulders and other discomfort.

On top of that, sitting puts up to three times more pressure on the discs at the base of your spine than standing does, which is why you feel the effects of a bad sitting posture more than a bad posture standing up.

Short-term comfort could mean long-term back pain


You need a firm, supportive chair to sit comfortably

In order for you to sit for long hours without constantly shifting uncomfortably in your seat, you need a chair that provides you with good support and follows the natural curvature of your spine. Only a firm seat can do that, and Secretlab gaming chairs are engineered to offer a level of firmness that encourages you to sit in a position that relieves stress and strain, so you won’t suffer from back pain in the long run.

A firmer seat confers long-term health benefits, and good posture is a direct result of having good support. 

Sitting right is crucial for the most demanding of esports professionals

Secretlab chairs provide hours of exceptional comfort and support, and they are a vital addition for anyone who spends long hours at a desk, be it for work or play. At the end of the day, a well-designed seat is what will help you properly enjoy and focus on the task at hand, no matter how long you’ve been at it.