Your cluttered home office could be what’s causing you to procrastinate

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You’re not lazy. You just need to organize your workspace. Discover how to stop procrastinating with the Secretlab MAGNUS Pro Sit-to-Stand Metal Desk and its suite of magnetic cable management accessories.

Feeling unmotivated or putting off important tasks isn’t always about laziness. Sometimes, the culprit could be as simple as the state of your workspace. A disorganized desk can make it harder to focus and get things done. 

A 2018 study¹ discovered a correlation between procrastination and clutter, where procrastinators report excessive clutter and an overabundance of possessions. Chronic procrastinators often find themselves overwhelmed by the chaos of a cluttered environment.  When your workspace is cluttered, it becomes harder to find what you need, leading to wasted time and added stress. Clutter can also encroach on your valuable desk space, and even prove to be a safety hazard in extreme cases.

How to stop procrastinating with the Secretlab MAGNUS Pro

Investing in a desk designed for better organization can lead to a clearer mind and improved productivity, so you’re less likely to procrastinate. Here are 3 simple ways to declutter and organize your workspace, starting with the Secretlab MAGNUS Pro standing desk.

1. Organize your cables

Secretlab Cable Management Bundle

Everything you need to keep your cables in check. The magnetic cable anchors and sheaths work anywhere along the steel chassis of MAGNUS Pro. Secure loose cords in place with magnetic cable anchors, then route and hide them along desk legs with magnetic cable sheaths.

For even bigger and more comprehensive cable organization, get our XL bundle.

Secretlab Magnetic Ethernet Cable Extender

Designed exclusively for the MAGNUS Pro. Never worry about cable strain again with the Magnetic Ethernet Cable Extender. It magnetically attaches to either desk leg and features a retractable, coiled Ethernet cable that moves in tandem with your standing desk at any height. Enjoy Gigabit speeds up to 1,000Mbps with none of the cable mess.

2. Free up space

Secretlab MAGNUS Monitor Arms

Mount up to a total of three screens with the Single and Dual MAGNUS Monitor Arms, or give your ultrawide screen a power lift with our Heavy Duty Edition arm. Elevate your screens to the perfect viewing height, and eliminate the need for bulky monitor stands that take up precious desk space.

Working on an ultrabook? Secure it to your MAGNUS monitor arm with the Secretlab Laptop Mount Attachment.

Secretlab Premium PC Mount

Secure your PC tower beneath your MAGNUS Pro standing desk — perfect when you need all the desk space you can get. Free up space to house your speakers, stream deck, and even a DAC and amplifier, or whatever you need to help you stay productive.

3. A dedicated space for all your peripherals

Secretlab Magnetic Headphone Hanger

Magnetically snaps onto the underside of your MAGNUS desk, and stays there. Hook your headset on the Magnetic Headphone Hanger, and keep it within easy reach. You’ll never have an excuse to not get started because you cannot find what you need.

Secretlab MAGNUS Desk Riser

Get extra shelf space to route your cables and hold your peripherals, so they never clutter the rest of your desk. The MAGNUS Desk Riser elevates your monitor to eye level, and fits perfectly across the cable tray opening on your MAGNUS desk, without getting in the way of the rear-hinged cover. At the end of the day, slide your keyboard under the desk riser for an even cleaner look.

The MAGNUS Desk Riser is fully compatible with our magnetic cable anchors, so every cord stays exactly where you want it.

Take control of your workspace and overcome procrastination with the Secretlab MAGNUS Pro standing desk. Looking to take productivity one step further? Check out 5 good habits to step up your work-from-home game


¹ Ferrari, J. R. (2018) ‘Procrastinators and Clutter: An Ecological View of Living with Excessive “Stuff”’, Current Psychology, 37(2), pp. 1–4. doi:10.1007/s12144-017-9682-9.