Secretlab TITAN Evo: Designing for the modern gamer, creator, and hybrid worker

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In today’s age of relentless multitasking and screen-centric living, the science of ergonomics has evolved beyond merely providing a comfortable seat for a single task.

Our daily activities now span work and virtual meetings to gaming, digital entertainment, VR, and even creative pursuits like podcasting or streaming. These evolving needs demand ergonomic solutions that cater to a diverse range of postures and activities at the desk.

Our team of engineers have spent years studying the science of sitting, examining ergonomic factors like posture variation, pressure distribution, intuitiveness of adjustment, and movement — all in order to create the ultimate sitting experience for our users. 

The Secretlab TITAN Evo incorporates all our design learnings. It is engineered for anyone who spends over 12 hours a day seated. Shaped to accommodate the unique contours of the human body, TITAN Evo effortlessly adapts to everything you do at your desk.

One size does not fit all

a 20th century office with people sitting in office chairs of the past era.

While the 20th century saw the birth of office chairs that went on to become design icons, the digital age calls for a new approach to ergonomic thinking that supports the rapidly changing world of work. An ergonomic chair is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and the modern approach to ergonomics is a collaborative effort between designers, engineers, and end-users — resulting in products that anticipate and address the unique demands of today’s workers, and the blurring lines between work and play.

Enter the era of personalized ergonomics, where users can customize their workstations to support multiple postures and activities, fostering both productivity and well-being. Height-adjustable desks, varied monitor configurations, and modular accessories are now integral components of a holistic ergonomic setup.

Above all, users need an ergonomic chair that can keep up with everything they’re doing at their desks. The goal is to empower users to seamlessly shift between sitting, standing, and dynamic postures throughout the day, creating a healthier and more engaging environment.

Designing for the modern multitasker

Man sitting in Secretlab TITAN Evo doing multiple activities like working, texting, napping, and gaming.

For much of the past century, ergonomic design has been limited by the idea of a single, perfect posture. The first office chairs were created for a single purpose — to keep you seated in the same upright posture throughout the day. These chairs were good enough for workers back then, who spent the majority of their hours either typing or doing paperwork.

But today, we’re doing more than ever. Our desks have become a space for a multitude of activities that require different postures — as well as the right chair to support us through it all. Our contemporary workspace calls for a more nuanced approach to ergonomic design. Recognizing that individuals not only vary in shape and size but also in their preferred postures for different tasks.

The challenge lies in crafting ergonomic seating solutions that seamlessly transition between these activities. How we sit during a brainstorming session may differ significantly from our posture while we’re online shopping, watching Netflix, or gaming. User-centered design comprises the foundation of TITAN Evo’s design —  spearheading an ergonomic revolution that powers the modern multitasker.

Backed by science. Ergonomically crafted.

Pressure mapping and testing of the Secretlab TITAN Evo ergonomic gaming chair

The Secretlab TITAN Evo is the result of hundreds of thousands of research hours on how people interact with chairs and optimized to provide the ultimate ergonomic support across multiple tasks and activities.

With the help of advanced pressure mapping sensors, foam density tests, and feedback from users in our design lab, we’ve formulated a high-density cold-cure foam that effortlessly cradles your back and relieves pressure from all directions.

It also comprises a unique structure of closed cells. Advanced manufacturing processes make it possible to cure our foam at a lower temperature than regular foam, so its cells are closer together and more compact. This makes it incredibly resilient to sagging and deformation, delivering consistent support throughout the day.

TITAN Evo features a full-length ergonomic backrest that is purposefully sculpted to follow the natural horizontal curve of your shoulders. The gentle 30° angle allows for a more open sitting posture than the 55° slope on most gaming chairs, so you can relieve tension and sit healthier.

Our proprietary pebble seat base is shaped to accommodate the body’s natural movements, with gentle sloping sides that guide you toward the middle for optimal support — regardless of how your body moves throughout the day. After all, a good ergonomic chair should never restrict you to a single posture.

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