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Forget productivity tips. 9 must-have desk accessories to get organized in 2024

By January 15, 2024 June 11th, 2024 No Comments
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Make 2024 the year you finally stick to your New Year resolutions. It all starts with the right gaming desk — and the right desk organizers and accessories.

Picture a messy, cluttered desk. Lost pens. Tangled cables you just can’t make heads or tails of. Important files buried under sprawling papers.

A clean, organized desk means a clearer state of mind. The Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk and MAGNUS Pro standing desk deliver the ultimate in cable management, with an array of custom-designed desk organizers to help you eliminate cable mess. From desk risers that give additional shelf space to extension strips that power up to 10 devices at once from a single wall socket, complete your Secretlab setup and make 2024 your tidiest and most efficient year yet.

Tidy up your setup with Secretlab desk organizers and accessories

desk organizer, desk organizer, desk riser

Secretlab MAGNUS Desk Riser

Fits perfectly into the cable tray opening of your MAGNUS gaming desk, without getting in the way of the rear-hinged cover. Our Desk Riser elevates your monitor to an ergonomic height at eye level, while giving you extra shelf space and room underneath to route more cables and store your peripherals.

The Secretlab MAGNUS Desk Riser is fully compatible with our magnetic cable anchors as well, so you’ll never have a cord out of place.

desk organizer, desk organizers, monitor arm, dual monitor arm

Secretlab MAGNUS Monitor Arm

For even more control over the position of your screen, get our monitor arms. The Secretlab MAGNUS Monitor Arm offers the full range of dynamic movement, so you can freely tilt, swivel, and rotate your screen until you find the perfect placement. Our Ergonomics Advisory Board — comprising experts in the fields of biomechanics, orthopedics, and more — recommends always keeping your screen at eye level for reduced strain. Whether you’re sitting, standing, or reclining at your MAGNUS Pro, the MAGNUS Monitor Arm will allow you to easily re-adjust your screen for the best view.

It also frees up desk space for even more room for all your devices — or another potted plant.

The Secretlab MAGNUS Monitor Arm comes in Single and Dual options. Pair them together to mount a total of three screens.

desk organizer, desk organizers, heavy duty monitor arm, ultrawide monitor arm

Secretlab MAGNUS Monitor Arm (Heavy Duty Edition)

Engineered for the biggest ultrawide monitors, and easily repositioned for the perfect view. The MAGNUS Monitor Arm (Heavy Duty Edition) makes light work of the heaviest screens — even those weighing up to 16 kg (35 lbs).

Repositioning an ultrawide gaming monitor such as the 57” Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 can be a clunky (and potentially expensive) nightmare. That’s why our heavy-duty monitor arm comes with detachable dual VESA-mounted handles you can grab onto, and effortlessly steer your screen into the right spot.

Shop the Secretlab MAGNUS Monitor Arm (Heavy Duty Edition).

desk organizer, desk organizers, laptop mount, laptop screen mount

Secretlab Laptop Mount Attachment

Don’t hunch over your laptop’s tiny screen. Your laptop should be at eye level, which helps reduce strain on your neck and shoulders. 

Secure the Secretlab Laptop Mount Attachment to your MAGNUS Monitor Arm, and elevate your laptop to eye level for a more ergonomic setup. This will also free up room on your desk for a dedicated mouse and keyboard.

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Secretlab Magnetic Ethernet Cable Extender

The last thing you want is to lose connection — by accidentally dislodging your Ethernet cable while adjusting your desk height. Never worry about straining your Ethernet cable again with the Secretlab Magnetic Ethernet Cable Extender.

Designed exclusively for the MAGNUS Pro, it magnetically attaches to either desk leg and features a retractable construction and coiled Ethernet cable that moves with your standing desk. Enjoy gigabit speeds up to 1,000Mbps — with none of the cable mess.

desk organizer, desk organizers, PC mount, PC tower mount

Secretlab Premium PC Mount

No more worries about cable strain, even when going from sitting to standing. Securely mount your PC on either side of your MAGNUS Pro with the Secretlab Premium PC Mount, designed to support PC towers up to 25 kg (55 lbs) without breaking a sweat. 

Free up prime desk real estate for your speakers, DAC, and other peripherals, all while keeping your PC elevated for better airflow and reduced dust buildup.

desk organizer, desk organizers, power strip, extension strip, electrical surge protector

Secretlab Power Strip Surge Protector

Slimmer than most power strips, but still packing a punch. The Secretlab Power Strip Surge Protector turns one electrical socket into six AC outlets, three USB-A, and one USB-C charging port. It fits neatly into the cable tray of your MAGNUS desk, with plenty of room left over for your cables.

Power up to 10 devices at once, including your PC, multiple monitors, speakers, RGB strips, and more.

desk organizer, desk organizers, cable organizer, cable organizers, cable management, cable anchors

Cable Management Bundle

Snap and click. Bring order to your gaming desk with a little magnetic magic — the steel chassis of our MAGNUS desks means our cable organizers work anywhere, from the tabletop to the desk legs. Secure loose cords exactly where you want them with magnetic cable anchors, then route your cables along your desk legs and hide them with magnetic cable sheaths.

For even bigger and bolder cable organization, get our XL bundle.

desk organizer, desk organizers, headphone hanger, headphone hook

Secretlab Magnetic Headphone Hanger

Magnetically snaps onto the underside of your MAGNUS gaming desk, and stays there. Hook your gaming headset or audiophile cans on the Secretlab Magnetic Headphone Hanger, and keep them within easy reach before you hop onto Discord or that important Zoom call.

Need more productivity tips? Check out our helpful guide for the New Year and level up your work and play with the ultimate gaming desk.