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How to find the right Secretlab gaming chair size for you

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We’re all built different, which is why it’s important to find a gaming chair that fits you. In fact, we went through multiple iterations and extensive testing, tailoring each Secretlab chair size to fit height and weight ranges that cater to as many as possible. The Secretlab TITAN Evo gaming chairs come in three sizes — Small (S), Regular (R), and XL — each individually shaped for optimal support.

All three sizes of the Secretlab TITAN Evo share the same features, which means all you have to do is pick the size you want. The Secretlab TITAN Evo ultimately brings together the best of the Secretlab OMEGA and TITAN, so you get everything you love about them in one single gaming seat.


Choosing the right Secretlab chair size should be easy. Here’s how.

Here’s the most important part — what’s your fit? Let’s help you find the Secretlab gaming chair size that fits you best.

Secretlab chair sizes guide


Secretlab TITAN Evo (Size S) 

Secretlab TITAN Evo (Size R) 

Secretlab TITAN Evo (Size XL) 



( 5’6”)

170 – 189cm

(5’7” – 6’2”)

181 – 205cm

(5’11” – 6’9”)


< 90kg

(< 200lbs)

< 100kg

(< 220lbs)

80 – 180kg

(175 – 395lbs)

You exceed the recommended height OR weight range for size S or R. Now what?

We get that not all of us will fall neatly into these ranges. That said, if you’re between sizes and exceed the recommended height or weight range, we recommend: 

  • R for more seating space. 
  • S if you prefer a snugger fit, or usually have trouble setting your feet flat on the floor.


You’re above 130kg (285lbs), but shorter than 181cm (5’11”).

Larger friends mean more to love and cherish, and that’s why we recommend the TITAN Evo (Size XL) for the added durability that comes from the reinforced multi-tilt, heavy-duty hydraulic mechanism and extra-large wheelbase. 

To ensure optimal support for your legs and feet, you can consider pairing your TITAN Evo (Size XL) with a footrest for the best possible experience.


You’re taller than 190cm (6’3″), but weigh less than 80kg (176lbs).

Get the TITAN Evo (Size XL). You’ll need the full support of the taller backrest.


You own or have your eye on the Secretlab OMEGA 2020.

With three different sizes, we’ve streamlined the Secretlab TITAN Evo to cover as many people as possible, including those who fall within range of the beloved Secretlab OMEGA. 

If you’re currently sitting on the Secretlab OMEGA, we recommend either size S or R.

Depending on your height and weight, we recommend:

  • R for more seating space. 
  • S if you prefer a cozier fit


You own or really fancy the Secretlab TITAN 2020.

Simple. R, or XL. 

Depending on your height and weight, we recommend 

  • XL for more seating space.
  • R if you prefer a snugger fit

Still unsure which size to get?

Secretlab chair sizes detailed guideWe recommend taking measurements of your current gaming chair so you can compare it with the Secretlab TITAN Evo. Key dimensions to take into account include

  • height and width of the backrest
  • width of your seat base
  • height adjustment range
  • height from floor to seat base

Need more help? We’ve got a sizing calculator here that might come in handy.

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