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Step up your ergonomic support with Secretlab footrests

By October 30, 2023 November 3rd, 2023 No Comments

Feet down. Rest up.

Modern work culture widely demands a sedentary lifestyle, which is why it is of paramount importance that you sit right. An easy, oft-overlooked way to instantly improve your posture is to keep both feet firmly planted on the floor — you will naturally straighten your back, alleviating pressure on the back of your legs and spine.

If your feet cannot comfortably reach the floor while seated, the solution is simple. Just add an under-desk footrest.

With Secretlab, you can now choose between two ergonomic Secretlab Footrest options designed to work perfectly in tandem with all Secretlab chairs, and achieve the full head-to-toe Secretlab ergonomic experience for you in your setup.

1. Secretlab Professional Footrest
2. Secretlab Premium Footrest
3. At a glance
4. Which Secretlab footrest is right for you?

The Secretlab Professional Footrest (CloudSwap™ Technology) and Secretlab Premium Footrest (PlushCell™ Memory Foam) are designed to provide additional support while seated. Its ergonomic benefits have been validated by members of our independent Ergonomics Advisory Board, comprising experts in the fields of biomechanics, orthopedics, and more.

Pro-grade ergonomics for high-performance plays

Step into peak performance with the ultimate ergonomic support built for the most discerning pros. The Secretlab Professional Footrest (CloudSwap™ Technology) puts you in charge of exactly how you want to rest your feet. Complement your gaming or office chair with a footrest you can customize to your exacting needs, designed at just the right height to pair with your Secretlab chair.

Switch between staying stationary or dynamic rocking movement.

Dual modes for ergonomic support in multiple postures 

Remaining in one position for prolonged hours may lead to poor blood circulation and other health issues over time. The Footrest Pro enables easy switching between Dynamic and Stationary Modes for the experience you want. With Dynamic Mode, you can stay active even while seated. To switch to Dynamic mode, simply step on the adjustment pedal while in Stationary Mode and slide the switch to Dynamic. Unlock to get the full 30° range of natural movement with the tilt-adjustable swivel mechanism, while still reaping the ergonomic benefits of keeping your feet firmly planted.  

Too much movement? Stay locked in place with Stationary Mode. Once again, simply step on the adjustment pedal and slide the switch. You can secure the Footrest Pro at any angle between +15° to -15° for just the right amount of incline to meet your exacting needs.

“I find myself using the locking function frequently as I shift in my seat throughout the day — this lets me rest my feet at the optimal dorsiflexion angle of around 0 to 15°, with just the right amount of incline to support the correct sitting posture.”
– Dr. Lindsey Migliore, Ergonomics Advisory Board Member, Esports Medicine Physician & Founder of GamerDoc

Full-metal chassis

Stand your ground in a boss raid or boardroom battle with unmatched stability and support. Constructed with a full-metal chassis, the Footrest Pro is a sturdy and durable foundation for science-backed ergonomic support from the ground up.

For even deeper customization, get the rubber base height extender for an additional boost of 20mm if required. So individuals with a smaller stature can comfortably reach the Footrest Pro without strain.

CloudSwap™ Compatible footrest top

Swap the footrest top of the Secretlab Footrest Pro to other options, made possible with our proprietary magnetic CloudSwap™ replacement system. The magnetic attachments guarantee perfect alignment every single time with a satisfying click. 

Switch from the plush support of the default Secretlab PlushCell™ Memory Foam Footrest Top to other upcoming footrest top options.

Plush, supportive comfort for everyday users

Secretlab Premium Footrest (PlushCell™ Memory Foam) joins the Secretlab Magnetic Memory Foam Head Pillow and Secretlab PlushCell™ Memory Foam Armrest Top in the ranks of plush comfort. Two different types of foam were utilized to achieve the perfect blend of soft, supportive comfort, with just the right amount of firmness. 

Dual-density foam construction for plush, supportive comfort.

Dual-density foam construction

Plush softness is irresistible but often falls flat when it comes to long-term support. With a core made of specially formulated medium-firm cold-cure foam — the same foam in our award-winning chairs — the PlushCell™ Footrest distributes weight evenly and provides adequate support without compromising on the softness we all love.

A generous outer layer of visco-elastic PlushCell™ Memory Foam wraps around the cold-cure foam core for soft-to-the-touch comfort. So your feet can stay supported and well-rested, while feeling like they’re being propped up on clouds.

Ergonomic superellipse design

The unique superellipse design provides multiple ways to rest your feet. With curved edges and a flat top, it is incredibly versatile, allowing you to rest your feet anywhere on its surface. 

“The ability to raise my feet allows me to reduce pressure on my glutes and legs in a reclined position as I’m relaxing. The footrest’s extra width also encourages me to move my legs more frequently and shift into varying postures, promoting stress relief from one tissue to another while seated for prolonged periods.”
– Dr. Jordan Tsai, Ergonomics Advisory Board Member, PT DPT OCS Esports & Founder of Respawn Therapy

Soft, breathable comfort

Our velour fabric is engineered for a soft, breathable feel and is exceptionally durable, even after years of daily use. It is hand-washable as well, for easy maintenance and a fresh feel years down the road.

At a glance

Secretlab Professional Footrest (CloudSwap™ Technology)Secretlab Premium Footrest
(PlushCell™ Memory Foam)
Ergonomic design
Dual mode: Dynamic & Stationary

Superellipse design
Plushness PlushCell™ Memory Foam Footrest Top (Included) 
Heated Footrest Top (Coming soon)

PlushCell™ Memory Foam
Type of supportFirm & stablePlush & soft-to-touch
ConstructionFull-metal with tilt adjustment & lock mechanismDual-density foam with soft velour upholstery
Adjustability+15° to -15° angle adjustments Flat top design with curved edges for versatile positioning 
Rocking movement
Dynamic Mode with 30° natural range of movement
CloudSwap™ Compatible
Interchangeable top surface

Which Secretlab Footrest is right for you?

You need the sturdiest support to bring your A-game

  • A full-metal chassis keeps it firmly in place, even as you rock back-and-forth in Dynamic mode. Industrial-grade steel and aluminum alloy construction provide unmatched stability.

Recommendation: Secretlab Footrest Pro

You want full control over how you sit

  • You know what works for you, and we give you the tools to achieve it. The Footrest Pro lets you make precise ergonomic adjustments within a 30° range. Dynamic mode supports your natural movements, and you can lock the footrest top at your preferred angle in Stationary mode. Personalize your experience with magnetic interchangeable footrest tops, for even more control over how you rest.

Recommendation: Secretlab Footrest Pro

You’re all about that plush, supportive comfort

  • Soft and supportive, our PlushCell™ Footrest and its unique dual-density foam construction is perfect for those looking for that gentle, cradling feel.

Recommendation: Secretlab PlushCell™ Footrest

You prefer a simple and static solution

  • The PlushCell™ Footrest was made for everyday comfort with zero fuss. An ergonomic superellipse design with curved edges, a flat top, and an extra-wide width gives you plenty of room to rest your feet in multiple ways.

Recommendation: Secretlab PlushCell™ Footrest

Set foot into the complete Secretlab setup

Last year, we perfected the gaming seat in the form of the Secretlab TITAN Evo. Since then, we’ve rolled out an ever-expanding array of add-ons and accessories to complement our chairs.

Personalize your comfort with all-encompassing ergonomics geared to your ultimate setup. Shop the Secretlab Professional Footrest (CloudSwap™ Technology) and Secretlab Premium Footrest (PlushCell™ Memory Foam).