Secretlab X Demon Slayer: Annihilate demons with Giyu’s color-changing embroidered sword 

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Pass the Final Selection with ease. Rid the world of demons in comfort.

June 8, 2023 — Journey to the Swordsmith Village with the Secretlab Demon Slayer Collection, celebrating the release of Season 3 of the blockbuster anime. Since the debut of the first season in 2019, Demon Slayer has enjoyed a meteoric rise, becoming one of the most popular anime with its expansive world-building and breathtaking visuals.

Written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotouge, the manga has also been adapted into the hit film Demon Slayer The Movie: Mugen Train, which topped the worldwide box office as the highest-grossing film of 2020. Mugen Train grossed over US$500 million globally, marking the first time a non-Hollywood production topped the annual box office.

The Secretlab Demon Slayer Collection adds to the brand’s growing repertoire of custom-designed chairs inspired by the world’s biggest anime, joining the likes of Attack on Titan and Naruto Shippuden.

Featuring chairs inspired by Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Giyu, the Secretlab Demon Slayer Collection combines research-backed ergonomic design with a meticulous attention to detail befitting the series

Every chair in the collection is outfitted with the full suite of adjustability and customization options on the award-winning Secretlab TITAN Evo, alongside iconic elements from each of their beloved characters’ haori.

Secretlab TITAN Evo Demon Slayer Giyu Edition in NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette

The only chair in the collection to be upholstered in soft and supple Secretlab NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette, the TITAN Evo Giyu Edition takes inspiration from powerful Water Hashira Giyu Tomioka. His deep blue Nichirin sword is embroidered in intricate detail on the backrest, featuring a special color-changing technology, a first for a gaming chair. 

It changes from black to a moody blue hue – a nod to the way Nichirin swords adopt a distinct color when first drawn by their owner. The wings of the chair are embroidered with Giyu’s signature split haori, the red belonging to his late older sister and the checkered green, orange, and yellow from his friend Sabito.

The logo of the Demon Slayer Corps features prominently on the rear, paying tribute to the organization’s mission to annihilate demons.

Available in sizes R and XL.

Secretlab TITAN Evo Demon Slayer Nezuko Edition in SoftWeave® Plus

The Nezuko Edition chair is upholstered in pink SoftWeave® Plus Fabric, mirroring Nezuko’s outfit in the anime. The iconic asanoha pattern on her kimono adorns the front of the chair, while her ichimatsu-patterned sash graces the side wings. But the centerpiece of the backrest is really her bamboo muzzle – a symbol of her peaceful nature, despite being a demon.

Her ichimatsu sash pattern continues on the back of the chair, finished with her demon marks at the top and bottom. 

Available in size R.

Secretlab TITAN Evo Demon Slayer Tanjiro Edition in SoftWeave® Plus

Leveraging SoftWeave® Plus’ unique 3D gradient knit, the Tanjiro Edition chair sports a one-of-a-kind gradient that transitions seamlessly from light to dark. Tanjiro’s original sword guard features on the front of the chair, alongside his distinctive black and green ichimatsu haori pattern. Like the Nezuko Edition chair, the haori pattern is also found on the lower half of the side wings, signifying their kinship.

Spin the chair around and take in the obsidian black blade along its entire length, a homage to the very first Nichirin sword he wields after passing the Final Selection.

Available in size R.

Secretlab TITAN Evo Demon Slayer Zenitsu Edition in SoftWeave® Plus

The bright yellow Zenitsu Edition chair is the perfect reflection of Zenitsu’s haori. Its yellow gradient gradually fades from light to dark, further contrasting with the dark side wings, and his kimono’s uroko pattern is overlaid on the chair’s accents. To finish the look, Zenitsu’s sparrow, Chuntaro, is perched on the chair’s shoulder.

Despite its adorable front, the chair’s back means business. Zenitsu’s lightning-streaked katana and white sheath take up the rear, hinting at the raw potential that is unleashed when he is asleep.

Available in size R.

Secretlab TITAN Evo Demon Slayer Inosuke Edition in SoftWeave® Plus

The Inosuke Edition chair is upholstered in a custom SoftWeave® Plus fabric mix created just for the chair. With blue blending with a speckled mix of gray and brown, the chair evokes Inosuke’s gray-blue hakama pants and belt of brown deer fur. His iconic boar’s head sits on the backrest, reproduced in intricate detail, down to its bright blue eyes.

His serrated katanas take up the chair’s rear, notable for their indigo-gray color and lack of a handguard.

Available in size R.

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