Behind the design: Secretlab VALORANT Jett and Reyna Edition chairs

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We spoke to our Senior Product Graphic Designer, Irene, for more design insights — and to learn how the Valorant chairs took shape.

Nothing happens by chance. The idea for a special edition design based on VALORANT Agents came after the roaring success of the Secretlab VALORANT Edition chair. We knew we wanted a design that would invite players to proudly express their love for these iconic characters, pushing the envelope in terms of embroidery techniques and detail.

“In gaming, just as in design, the devil lies in the details,” says Irene. “Our objective with the VALORANT Jett and Reyna Edition chairs was to capture the spirit of these incredible Agents, down to the finest detail, enabling players to feel as if they’re stepping into their favorite Agent’s shoes. It’s not merely about aesthetics either. It’s about embodying the Agent’s personality, background and play style, and creating a visceral connection to the game the moment they sit down.”

It takes between 10 to 14 months to design a new Agent in VALORANT, according to John Goscicki, Character Team Producer on VALORANT. Every Agent is a work of passion, built around a carefully selected — and distinctive — mechanic that underscores their individuality.

The Secretlab VALORANT Jett and Reyna Edition gaming chairs were designed as a homage to that process. Every Agent has a distinct visual identity, and we wanted our chairs to capture every detail of Jett’s and Reyna’s design and persona and acknowledge the creative devotion that went into them.

The Jett and Reyna Edition chairs were brought to life over a year of meticulous collaboration with the VALORANT team at Riot Games. From their signature color palettes and outfits to their abilities, the chairs leave no detail overlooked.

Secretlab Valorant gaming chairs collection

Jett and Reyna are two of the most popular Agents in VALORANT. Reyna was the most-played Agent in 2022, according to Riot Games, while Jett remains a go-to pick across casual and pro play.

With kits designed around raw aggression, Jett and Reyna are the perfect picks for players who are confident in their ability to out-aim and outclass their opponents. Together with the proprietary ergonomic features of the Secretlab TITAN Evo, the Jett and Reyna Edition chairs were created to give Duelist mains the confidence to instalock their favorite Agent and carry their team to victory.

Mapping the Agents’ character design onto our chair

Each chair is upholstered in our plush and supple Secretlab NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette, carefully color-matched to Jett’s and Reyna’s outfits. The Jett Edition chair is upholstered in a breezy blue reminiscent of the fleet-footed South Korean Duelist, while the Reyna Edition chair flaunts a regal purple that echoes the fearless aggression of the savage Duelist from the heart of Mexico.

Secretlab Valorant Jett gaming chair

Design motifs from their outfits were painstakingly mapped onto the chairs as well. The swirl on Jett’s right shoulder is mirrored on the chair’s side wing, along with the X-shaped detailing on her belt. Even the paneling of the main backrest of the chair alludes to Jett’s layered crop top. The teal accents and sole on her shoes have made their way onto the front edge of the seat, a subtle but distinguishing detail. 

Similarly, the Reyna Edition chair replicates the gold studs around her waist and the V-shaped swoop and accents of her vest. Subtle tone-on-tone details that resemble the plating on her body armor add visual interest without being overly complicated. The look is elevated by the understated but intricate diamond-patterned embroidery on the side wings and luxe gold accents — the perfect combination of elegance, power, and the darkness at the heart of VALORANT’s most ruthless Duelist.

Secretlab Valorant Reyna gaming chair

Stepping into the shoes of Jett and Reyna

But it wasn’t all just about their character design. Ultimates are central to VALORANT’s gameplay and economy, so we knew they had to feature prominently on the chair as well, says Irene.

Every VALORANT player knows the difference these ultimates can make — Jett can win eco rounds for her team with some well-placed knives, and Reyna can seem almost unstoppable with Empress. Jett’s Blade Storm and Reyna’s Empress ultimates are embroidered in intricate detail on the backrest, deploying a combination of flat tatami and raised satin stitches for unmatched depth and detail.

“The different types of stitching allow us to create a 3D effect. Every blade of Jett’s kunai is also broken up into three segments, each running in a different direction to mimic the bevel of the blade,” explains Irene.

The design of the Jett Edition gaming chair

The wind is the central motif of Jett’s design, mirrored intricately by the embroidered gusts of wind adorning the back of the chair, a nod to Jett’s Radiant abilities. “Jett is quite literally powered by the wind,” says Irene. “From her Tailwind dash to Updraft, the wind is what enables her to take the fight to opponents, and we wanted to make sure that the chair represented that and allowed players to embody her.”

The design of the Reyna Edition gaming chair

Reyna’s ethereal Leer is emblazoned on the back of the Reyna Edition chair, using the same combination of flat and raised stitches. Reyna’s’ nearsight blind is a crucial element of her gameplay loop — once it steals your sight, you know Reyna isn’t far behind.

Designed with Jett and Reyna mains in mind, the chairs will allow players to represent their favorite Duelist right at their setup. We wanted players to feel powerful while seated on these chairs — almost as if they channel their Radiant abilities. When they sit down on one of our chairs, going for the ace should feel easy.

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