Extending the lifespan of PU leather: 4 MUST-DOs

By March 13, 2019 January 24th, 2024 No Comments

We designed every Secretlab chair to be the pinnacle of performance seating. Constructed only from materials carefully selected for their quality and durability and then certified by internationally recognized authorities, every Secretlab chair is built to last.

Secretlab PRIME™ 2.0 Leatherette is engineered to be 4x more durable than regular PU leather. It leads the market for flexing and abrasion resistance and has passed rigorous, custom-designed tests that exceed existing industry standards. However, the longevity of even the toughest materials can still be compromised if not properly cared for. 

What causes PU leather to peel?

Heat and humidity are two of your worst enemies. From parties to your guitar, and even your hairstyle, there’s no escaping the unwelcome effects of high humidity. In wet, tropical climates where we perspire more frequently, our naturally corrosive sweat can wear away at most materials, especially when combined with constant friction. 

But fret not. With proper aftercare habits, your Secretlab chair will easily stay in like-new condition for years to come. Here are 4 easy tips to extend the lifespan of your Secretlab PRIME™ 2.0 Leatherette chair.

1. Harmful elements: Perspiration and body oils

You can easily clean up crumbs or minor spills, but constant contact with acidic perspiration and oil from your skin is not the best for PRIME™ 2.0 Leatherette. Coupled with friction from constant rubbing against your skin (or worse, rough-textured clothing like denim), the protective coating on PU leather can eventually be compromised.  This is why we recommend that you avoid sitting bare-skinned on your Secretlab chair where possible.

That said, regular cleaning with the Secretlab Premium Leather Cleaner can go a long way toward minimizing any deterioration caused by frequent exposure to perspiration.

2. Keep water away from your chair

Secretlab PRIME™ 2.0 sports improved water resistance compared to its predecessor, and small accidents are easily blotted up. However, we still recommend keeping liquids away from your chair to keep it in tip-top condition. It’s not just perspiration that can negatively affect PU leather — any kind of moisture can too, even water. Fresh out of the shower? Best to dry off completely instead of letting your hair drip all over your Secretlab chair. 

That said, you should avoid using a hairdryer while on your Secretlab chair, because the combination of water droplets and high heat can be especially detrimental to your chair. Any water droplets should be promptly wiped off with a dry microfiber cloth. 

3. Keep your chair cool

Gamers everywhere understand the importance of keeping their gaming rigs chilly. The same treatment applies to PRIME™ 2.0 Leatherette.

Keep your Secretlab chair in a cool environment and away from direct sunlight. This creates a more comfortable gaming experience for yourself, and the lower temperature and dryer conditions are good for your chair as well.

4. Practise good sitting habits

When you’re sitting upright and in a neutral position, pressure is evenly distributed across the surface of the chair. But when you explore more “creative” ways of sitting, such as with one leg resting on the chair’s seat, pressure is exerted unevenly across the seat upholstery, causing it to flex and stretch more than usual, in this way speeding up wear. On top of that, an unconventional sitting posture is also less than optimal for your back and may cause aches and pains in the long run.

Similarly, your chair is built to support you and is not meant to be a makeshift table for heavy items that may be oddly-shaped or have sharp corners.

What alternatives are there?

If you’re looking for an alternative to PRIME™ 2.0 Leatherette, you may want to consider Secretlab SoftWeave® Fabric, which provides improved breathability and unrivaled softness. 

But regardless of which upholstery you prefer, taking good care of your Secretlab chair will ensure that it can in turn take good care of you (and your back) for a long time to come.