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Need better posture? It’s all about your chair.

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The Secretlab TITAN Evo gaming chair has been approved by the National Pharmacy Association to feature in Your Health Your Pharmacy, the go-to resource for over 14,000 pharmacies in the UK. Read on to find out why.


The following article has been adapted from the Winter/Spring 2022 issue of Your Health Your Pharmacy. 

Most people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Pain in the lower back is especially common, although you can experience pain anywhere along your spine. Back pain is also one of the biggest causes of work absences, with sprains, strains and posture problems accounting for the majority of cases.

With most of us spending much of the day seated at our desks, a correctly adjusted chair can help support your back properly and reduce strain.

What good posture looks like

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“…the all-new Secretlab TITAN Evo offers the most advanced support on any gaming chair to date, setting a new bar for personalized comfort and ergonomic performance.” — Your Health, Your Pharmacy, National Pharmacy Association

Poor posture can negatively affect your health, and slouching or slumping can weaken your spine, decrease flexibility, and even affect your overall balance. Here’s how you should really be sitting. 

Make sure your back is fully supported. Get a chair with a full-length backrest and adjustable lumbar support, so it can support the natural curve of your lower back. Your chair should also be firm enough to support your spine in a neutral position. Avoid soft seats — they do a poor job of maintaining a healthy posture.

Keep your elbows close to your body. They should be bent between 90 and 120 degrees and supported by your chair’s armrests. Your armrests should be adjustable, so they can be set level with your desk when needed, and go low enough when you need to slide them under your desk to sit closer.

Set your feet flat on the floor. You should be able to keep your feet comfortably on the floor to support yourself in a healthy, neutral position. Your thighs and hips should also be parallel to the ground, and your knees bent at roughly 90 degrees. Adjust your chair so it’s just the right height for you.

Relax your shoulders. They should not be rounded or pulled backwards.

Research-backed ergonomics

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The Secretlab TITAN Evo radically reshapes how people think of gaming chairs. Drawing on data collected from detailed ergonomic studies and its dedicated state-of-the-art test lab, every feature has been engineered for relentless performance.

  • Integrated 4-way L-ADAPT™ Lumbar Support System moves up and down, and in and out, tucking neatly into the curve of your lumbar spine for improved support.
  • Proprietary pebble seat base. Guides your hips toward the middle for optimal support, while still leaving plenty of room to accommodate your natural movements.
  • Patent-pending cold-cure foam. Secretlab’s signature foam is specially formulated to be medium-firm. It distributes weight evenly and effectively relieves pressure for optimal support.
  • Redesigned backrest and angle of side wings. Cradles your shoulders, without forcing them into a rounded position.
  • Adjustable, 4D armrests for effective support for your wrists and elbows in all directions.
  • Optimized the height adjustment range on its Class 4 hydraulic mechanism, so you can set your feet flat on the ground.

Read the full article here (page 64 – 65 of the digital edition).

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